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Nathan Hammond

Nathan Hammond – Durango Marketer

Hello, My name is Nathan Hammond, and I’m the self-proclaimed “Durango Marketer”. I got my start as a local solution-provider managing the direct mail center at Basin Printing and Imaging. While at Basin, I increased mail volume to somewhere between 300%-400%, streamlined postage for all clients, brought many jobs sourced out of state back to Durango and even got the USPS MTAC to rule on DMM discrepancies.

While at Basin, I implemented a company blog (sadly, now deleted). It was there that I gained interest in SEO. The print shop got a phone call from New York City one day. Someone interested in a postcard mailer. Shocked about the region, the sales rep asked how he heard about us. He said; “I Googled ‘How is postage calculated?’ and you guys came up”. Fascinated, we Googled the phrase and first was USPS, second was eBay and 3rd was the blog post I did on Basin’s blog on postage optimization and all the different factors.

At that time, I didn’t even know that “Search Engine Optimization” was a thing. I just knew that there was something to this blogging and search engine thing. We never dreamed of prospecting clients out of NYC. This sent me on a journey of learning, playing around with my own projects as well as client projects.

I left Basin to freelance WordPress development and SEO. I also began playing around with affiliate marketing and other forms of internet monetization. Through my freelance / self-employed career, I jumped on-board a few agencies and worked in-house on a few projects. Most notably; helped Web Services Management of Durango make their entire IDX platform more search engine friendly (not just a single site, the whole platform). I also worked in-house with one of the largest international couponers, helping them with way too many onsite SEO issues.

Eventually it got to a point where my own projects were generating enough income for me to comfortably live off of. At that point, it didn’t make sense for me to work in-house or on client projects. So, I quit the agency, fired the clients and started focusing solely on my own projects. I do occasionally take new short-term clients on, but I’m very picky about the projects.


About This Site

I’m reviving this site after shutting it down for quite a while. Got overwhelmed by the number of emails I got, and since I wasn’t taking clients at the time, it wasn’t really worth it. I’m *DEFINITELY* not blogging about direct mail anymore, let’s just say that! Holy shit, so many people emailing me, asking me about my thoughts on DMM language. Guess that’s what happens when you really take the USPS to task on their own standards. But anyways….

This site is getting revived as a resource-style site primarily. Might use it for a little bit of local prospecting, but that’s not really my interest or focus. It’s more just putting some comprehensive resource-based things together. So look around, hope you enjoy, and feel free to reach out to me.



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