Using Webmaster & Google Analytics As Part Of The Content Strategy

Google Analytics & Webmaster

Using Analytics & Webmaster to develop content

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are two powerful products offered by Google. Both of these products give insight into what people are searching for.

Webmaster is more geared towards which search results that website shows up in, while Analytics focuses more on the click-through and actual search traffic.

I’ve explained how to use social networks for curating content, now I’m going to demonstrate how to do the same using Analytics and Webmaster. I’ll also give a personal case-study for a blog post I wrote just today!


Search Results For Content Not Yet Published

I have an Analytics strategy I call “Yesterday At A Glace”. This strategy involved looking at yesterday and yesterday only. The KPI I’m monitoring is:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of unique visitors
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Popular content
  • Traffic sources

My biggest emphasis is on traffic sources. It’s nice seeing what days caused social media explosions, as well as what content drove those effects, as well as the social channels that provided the traffic.

Google Analytics Screenshot







I also like monitoring the referral search traffic. Today I noticed an interesting result. See number four; “is it legal for a mailer to put a mark-up on postage”.

This is very interesting to me. I know the answer to this question (yes, by the way), I do not have that content posted on the site, but yet I’m not only ranking, but getting click-through by somebody looking for the content I do not have. This tells me two things, without doing the research:

  1. If someone does have the content posted, Google doesn’t find it to be of quality.
  2. This is content that the searcher can’t find, or was hoping I had.

So know we know some easy content that we could create, that would be of value, help someone out and probably rank well. How do I know it will probably rank well? Because my unrelated content ranks well. (Archive list on second page, Google).

Seeing how I know the legalities of marking-up postage, it was an easy half-hour write for me. Not only did my automated tweet get picked up in an LA printer’s, (NoFollow & @Mention), I guarantee the content will rank well and it will really help mail-owners and mail service providers out!



“Think Of The User” – SEO, “Cutts Style”

Isn’t that one of the goals ofa content strategy? Aside from the conversion, monetization and sale aspect of everything.

From an SEO perspective, think of Google, Matt Cutts and the infamous “what’s good for the user”. Webmaster and Analytics both offer insight into what the user is looking for! 

Wouldn’t giving it to them be SEO, “Cutt’s Style”? Besides that, your current content is ranking because it’s the content you know and write about. By monitoring the queries and referrals, it’s possible to identify these “content holes”, or areas within the niche that haven’t been covered by the site.


Maybe still include cute kitties for viral effects though!

The internet’s got enough cats
(Give it something different)

Google has already indicated that the content requested isn’t available. By giving the world what it is missing, you are winning online!

There’s enough cats, on the internet. Instead of offering kitties, offer something you know currently doesn’t exist on the internet.


….But maybe include cute kitties in that content. I heard cute kitties are viral.

Cute kitties say; “Share me please!”, “K Tnx, bye!”