I Am Retired

I am officially retired. Started playing around with affiliate marketing and make enough income to where I no longer need to take on clients. I still answer all questions emailed to me (free of charge). This site is being maintained ad-supported for what information is available. Keep in mind it’s highly dated. Also, really not maintained at all!

I’ve got a couple web properties in the works on specific topics such as email marketing, CMS / blogging and other fun stuff. This site is no longer supported. I no longer take clients. I am happy to provide some great and HONEST local endorsements, if you’re looking for a solution-provider.

Thank you.

~Nathan Hammond


Other Marketing Resource Sites

I’m in the process of consolidating a bunch of the resources I’ve curated on their own sites. All of my marketing related content was very scattered and not that organized. By creating their own sites, I’m able to increase the relevancy and provide a better user-experience.


Starting Email Marketing

Email marketing resource site. Contains an email marketing directory, hints and tips, webinars, case-studies, best practices and more.


More coming soon!

Got a couple projects up my sleeve, but not nearly finished enough to publicly link to them!